This week's notices for our parishes

Sunday 4th November 2018 — All Saints’ Sunday

11 a.m. Baptism Max and Chloë Iszard @ Althorne

3 p.m. Memorial Service @ Althorne

3 p.m. Memorial Service @ Stow Maries

4.30 p.m. Memorial Service @ N Fambridge


Almighty God, you have knit together your elect
in one communion and fellowship in the mystical body of your Son Christ our Lord:
grant us grace so to follow your blessed saints in all virtuous and godly living
that we may come to those inexpressible joys that you have prepared for those who truly love you; Amen.

Prayers during this week:

Pray for all who work with young people, and especially the Diocesan Area Youth Advisers, St. Mark’s College and the Asheldham Centre;

the Church of Ceylon and its Bishops;

pray for those who live in Henney Close (CN)  and Station Approach (NF);

 those who are unwell including Stephen, Jean B; Jean E; Kay; Gail; David;  Jacqui; Barry; Richard; and those known to us personally; and the family and friends of those who have recently died.

What’s on?

Mon. 5th: 10 a.m.- 12 Coffee morning (A church hall); 7.30 p.m. PCC (A)

Wed.7th: 9.30 a.m. BCP Comm. with healing ministry (A); 7.45 p.m. Bible Study.

Thu.8th: Maldon Clergy Breakfast/meeting; 7.45 p.m. Deanery Synod @ Creeksea church/hall.

Sat. 10th: 6 p.m. Fr. Mark’s final service and reception at St. Mary’s, Burnham.

Sun. 11th (Remembrance Day): 10 a.m. Remembrance Service (NF); 10.30 a.m. Remembrance Service (CN); 10.55 a.m. Remembrance Service (A). Courier deadline 5 p.m.  

The Diocese has decreed that each parish should have a Parish Information Officer (must be online). So far, two of our parishes (NF and SMM) have a volunteer. Please think about who might be your parish’s PIO !

Althorne Readers of the AVN please note that on p.9 there are three errors on the service list—please check against each week’s pewsheet.

Fundraising: ~£800 for Blue Cross (War Horses).

Hope and Aid Direct are requesting hats, gloves, scarves, socks, boots to help those in need. More info from Lynda.